Sealed bids are sought and requested by the Lisbon Central School for the Sale of Surplus items as is, where is, to the highest bidder.  

Surplus items are from Lisbon Central School District

Bid forms and instructions to Bidders may be obtained from our website at  

We will not be mailing bid packets – this is the responsibility of the bidder to download the information at our website – then scroll down on the home page to “News” for the bid packet.

Krista Woods
Secretary to the District Superintendent
Lisbon Central School District
6866 County Route 10
Lisbon, New York 13658
(315) 393-4951, ext. 23185

Bids will be received until Tuesday, January 9, 2024 at 2:00 PM at the Office of the District Superintendent, Lisbon, New York at the above address, at which time they will be publicly opened, read, and recorded.  

Any bid received after designated time will not be considered and will be returned to the bidder unopened.  

The bidder assumes the risk of any delay in the mail or in the handling of mail by employees of the Board.  Whether sent by mail or by means of personal delivery, the bidder assumes the responsibility for having his/her bid in on time at the Office of the District Superintendent, Board of Cooperative Educational Services.  

Bids opened and read shall remain irrevocable for a period of sixty days.  The award of contracts, if at all, shall be made as soon as is practicable after the bid opening.  

Krista S. Woods, District Clerk
Lisbon Central School District 

Notice to Bidders

Bid Packet