ARP Plan

The American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) Fund under the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act of 2021, Public Law 117-2, was enacted on March 11, 2021.   ARP ESSER provides a total of nearly $122 billion to States and school districts to help safely reopen and sustain the safe operation of schools and address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the nation’s students. 

All LEAs must reserve at least 20 percent of funds to address learning loss through the implementation of evidence-based interventions and ensure that those interventions respond to students’ social, emotional, and academic needs and address the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on underrepresented student subgroups. The remaining LEA funds may be used for a wide range of activities to address needs arising from the coronavirus pandemic.

ARP Funds Use

Lisbon CSD meaningfully engaged a diverse and representative set of the applicable stakeholders in developing a plan to use these funds and implementing that plan.  

The District surveyed staff and community and posted the online survey to their website for any community member as a way for them to provide the district with feedback on how the funds could be used.  An informational presentation was also given at a Board meeting. Information continues to be updated on the district website. 

Lisbon Central School District will gather continuous feedback regarding our ARP Plan from the community through an open online survey posted on our website.  We will also elicit feedback from our reopening committee. Our reopening committee was formed at the onset of the pandemic and this committee consists of stakeholders from the community, as well as, representatives from teachers, extended day partners, building and grounds, cafeteria, nurse, administrators, and transportation.

To continuously and safely reopen and operate schools, the district will use funds to implement prevention and mitigation strategies that are, to the greatest extent practicable, consistent with the most recent CDC guidance on reopening schools. Funds will be used for the following:

  • To allow for learning spaces and activities to the greatest extent possible, the district will purchase new classroom seating (tables, desks and chairs), and banquet tables with chairs;

  • Upgrade the public address system and related equipment to ensure announcements and information is shared throughout the school; 

  • To allow for outdoor learning spaces and activities to the greatest extent possible, the district will purchase a tractor mower with attachments to clear lawns, walkways and remove snow and a utility vehicle to maintain outdoor areas for classrooms, maintain trails for recreational use, and allow transportation of equipment to fields.


We recognize that we will see an increased need in the area of academic intervention services as students return to full in-person learning five days a week beginning in the fall of 2021.  To address the academic impact of lost instructional time through the implementation of evidence-based interventions, the required reserve of 20% of funds will be used to:

  • Offer supplemental After School Programming for AIS, PBL, and Enrichment to address student learning- 1:1 tutoring, classroom instruction, differentiation, small group instruction, reteaching, learning loss, enhance student engagement and interest, provide well-rounded educational activities and STEM activities;

  • Offer Summer Program for grades 1-6 to provide academic intervention services to those students who struggle academically, credit recovery, SEL supports for cooperative learning activities, and project-based instruction/enrichment activities to increase student engagement and address learning loss;

  • Purchase materials and supplies for After School Program- snacks, crafting supplies, environmental education supplies, STEM, and physical activity supplies and materials;

  • Purchase materials and supplies for Summer Program- snacks, academic supplies, enrichment supplies, environmental education supplies, STEM, and physical activity supplies and materials;

  • Appoint a Social Worker to provide mental health services and supports, including through the implementation of evidence-based community schools to support social emotional learning and home school connection;

  • Update and expand the use of educational technology (Cleartouch Panels and Laptops) to increase our abilities to create an interactive collaborative learning space; 

  • Establish staff professional learning communities (PLCs), to allow grade/subject level staff to work on curriculum, prioritizing standards, data analysis of assessments, integrating technology, effective teaching strategies, student engagement, and intervention planning;

  • Provide enrichment and college credit opportunities through Distance Learning courses to support students’ accelerated learning and to gain college and career/CTE credit;

  • Provide students a well-rounded education by promoting student engagement and interest in music with the purchase of Music Department and auditorium furnishings, curtains, soundboard with speakers, and storage space; and

  • Update equipment in the fitness room, as well as, purchase gymnasium score table and physical education supplies to promote student health and well-being.

To identify student needs and monitor student progress as a result of planned interventions and supports, the district will continue to monitor student progress with i-Ready diagnostic testing, meet regularly to analyze diagnostic results, and develop and implement intervention strategies for struggling learners using a multi-tiered system of supports.  In addition, we will utilize progress monitoring data and individual student data (formative and summative assessments and observations) from teachers.  Other data we will collect and analyze is attendance, counseling records, and student/parent/teacher feedback surveys results.

The district will ensure that the interventions it implements, including but not limited to the interventions implemented under the required reserve of 20% of funds - to address the academic impact of lost instructional time, will respond to the academic, social, emotional, and mental health needs of all students.  Data will be collected on students’ academic progress via pre and post-tests and i-Ready benchmarking and progress monitoring.  Students' social emotional well-being will be monitored via classroom teacher observations and reports, school nurse, counseling services and guidance meetings.  Students will be referred to the Instructional Support Team to determine additional needed support to be provided either in school or through support from community agencies.  

Lisbon CSD will utilize remaining ARP funds for other allowable uses.  The district will:

  • Purchase a copier machine;

  • Purchase storage sheds to safely store additional recess equipment, outdoor classroom supplies, and other equipment; and

  • To accommodate equipment in storage, the district will purchase scissor lift and warehouse racks, so items can be stored at greater heights to maximize utilization of existing space. 


The district appreciates your support and values your input as we remain steadfast in our mission: To be a resource for ensuring the academic, cultural, and social development of community members. 

ARP-ESSER Application: State Reserves - ARP State Reserves 2021-2022