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Ballot Information Update

On June 7th, Governor Cuomo issued an Executive Order extending the deadline for school districts to receive school budget and BOE election ballots. To be counted, ballots can be accepted by hand delivery through 5pm on June 9th and received by mail until 5pm June 16th by the school district. Sealed ballot envelopes must be signed in order to be counted. All envelopes will remain sealed until after 5pm June 16th.

Senior Recognition

Thank you to all of the seniors and their families who have been patient, understanding, and cooperative during this difficult time. Mrs. Morley did a super job of working with our senior parents to pull off such a fine event to recognize the fruits of our labor here at Lisbon Central! Thank you to all of the faculty, staff, administration, and Board of Education Members who took time out of their weekend to travel to school to support and congratulate our students. The maintenance crew did a great job building our KNIGHTS sign as well and it was an backdrop for some outstanding photos. Memories for a lifetime.

Before and After Bar Graphs

Students in Mrs. Akins’ seventh grade math class constructed double bar graphs depicting a typical day before and after school closed.
Before and After Bar Graph

Mission Statement

brick building with Lisbon Central School in gold letters on front
The mission of the Lisbon Central School is to be a resource for ensuring the academic, cultural, and social development of community members. Our school provides an environment which is secure, stimulating, and nurturing. The curriculum provides the prerequisite skills for a successful personal and professional career, delivered by a staff committed to caring and excellence. Our result is productive members of society who are able to maximize their potential in an ever-changing world.
Our Motto: Learning - Caring - Sharing