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kid safety zone

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school zone

This sign means you are near a crosswalk in a school zone.

  • When school is opening in the morning and closing in the afternoon, the area around the school is a very busy and crowded. There will be many children using the crosswalk.

  • Car drivers, bikers and in-line skaters must stop to allow people in the crosswalk to cross the street.

  • It is important to look carefully to the left, right and left again if you have to cross the street.


danger zone

bus icon

When you are waiting for the school bus, you should wait at the bus stop, and stand well back from the curb.

When you get off the bus:

  • Look to the rear of the bus before you step off the bottom step. Our friends at the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute tell us that more and more motorists are passing stopped school buses on the right shoulder - where the door is.

  • Take  (five giant steps) straight out the bus door, and out of the danger zone.

  • Make sure you have eye contact with the driver, and wait for the driver to signal you before you cross in front of the bus.

  • Never go back for anything you have left on the bus.

  • Never bend down near or under the bus.

walk kid

Walking near school:

  • When school is opening in the morning and closing in the afternoon, it is a busy and crowded area.

  • There are children being dropped off or picked up by both school buses and parents.

  • It is important to look carefully to the  left, right and left again if you have to cross the street.

  • If you must walk through parked traffic, stop and look carefully before stepping out from between vehicles.

  • Remember the danger areas around school buses where the driver can't see you.

  • Don't run between parked cars and buses.

  • Don't run across the street or through a parking lot trying to catch up with your friends.

bus at school

School Bus Behavior

Your school district probably has a school bus behavior policy. Your bus driver's number one interest is your safety. He or she will ask you to be on your best behavior.

  • It is important to listen to your bus driver in case there are any special instructions for your bus ride.

  • Sit quietly in your seat.

  • Speak quietly to the other children near you.

Do not jump up and down, fight or tease other passengers or make a lot of noise. These activities can bother your bus driver and he or she will not be able to give proper attention to driving.

These behaviors can bother any driver, including your family or a friend's family, and make it hard to drive safely.


Clothing can get caught

Jacket and sweatshirt drawstrings, backpack straps, scarves and loose clothing may get caught on the bus handrail or door. This is not only a danger while getting on or off the bus, but could happen any place on the bus.

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