Principal's Message

September 1, 2021

Dear Lisbon Central School Community Members,

Silver linings and progress, not perfection are the thoughts that immediately come to mind as we excitedly welcome our students, families and community members back to our newly renovated school! 

As we watched the renovations taking place this summer I couldn’t help but think how our refreshed/reimagined school building matches our vision of educating our students after the trials and tribulations of the past 18 months.  Moving forward, along with our refreshed physical space, you may notice a refreshed/reimagined way of educating our students. HOWEVER, just as our original wooden classroom cubbies have been spruced up rather than thrown away and replaced with spiffier  models, the way we educate our students will be similar.   The long standing foundation  of Learning, Sharing, Caring that Lisbon Central School  has historically been known for, will remain with the priority being placed on Caring first (you will also hear this referred to as Social Emotional Learning - SEL), closely followed by Sharing  and of course Learning.   

We will continue to work as a school to maximize student learning and growth through aligning our Positivity Project/P2 with New York State’s Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Benchmarks.  Put another way, at the foundation of P2 is the attention to the social and emotional well being of our students.  These two concepts fit very well together.  We will also invest time to prioritize learning standards, allowing as much time as possible for the most important knowledge to be mastered by our students.  Many of these strategies have been in abundance at our school and we will focus to keep them at the front of the line. 

Once again, our After School Program will be offered to students in UPK-12 from 3:00 - 4:45 pm Monday through Thursday. We are also excited to welcome 5 new (but seasoned) teachers to UPK-Grade 6 who bring years of teaching experience to our students as well as a very experienced social worker/wellness counselor.  Add these individuals to our already outstanding existing educators and support staff and we are as prepared as possible to offer the students of LCS the most safe, effective and future thinking education possible.

We appreciate the grace, trust, flexibility, partnership and collaboration shown by both our local and school communities as we ushered our students through a most unique time last year.  Moving forward we are eager to partner once once again with each of you to provide the very best education possible for the students of LCS.  We will continue to preserve the silver linings from the past 18 months, recognize the resilience of our school and community during some very difficult  times and together, hope to continue to make progress moving forward to benefit the students of LCS!

With appreciation and gratitude,

Mrs. Tina Wilson Bush

UPK - Grade 6 Principal 

Grades UPK-6 Principal:

Tina Bush

Grades UPK-6

Keyboard Specialist:

Patti Barney

Lisbon Central School

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