Mrs. Sherrie Wood » Bienvenidos a la clase de español

Bienvenidos a la clase de español

La clase de Español  I, II, III y IV





You will need the following items every day in class unless otherwise told.


  • Textbook
  • Binder with dividers
  • Pen/pencil
  • Loose leaf paper



Rules of the class:


You are expected to be prepared everyday and be ready to work when the bell rings.  When you enter the classroom the room with be neat and in order.  I expect when the period ends and you leave, the room with be the same.  If you take a book off the shelf, PUT IT BACK where you found it.  Always show respect towards everyone in the classroom.


The simple rules:

  • Be PREPARED- you must have a planner to leave the room.




Cell phones will be used for educational purposes only.  If the student is not instructed by the teacher, no cell phones will be allowed

  • 1st offense- warning
  • 2nd offense- cell phone is taken from the student and kept by the teacher, phone will be returned at the end of class.
  • 3rd offense- Phone will be taken by the teacher and brought to the office.  The student will get the phone at the end of the day.


Homework Policy:


  • Homework is given almost daily and will be graded on effort and at the discretion of the teacher, homework maybe handed in to be graded. The students will be able to start homework during class time so I can guide them and help when needed.
  • Spanish is a discipline based on the use of previous knowledge and builds upon that knowledge daily. Homework is the practice to show that the concepts have been understood and can be used, allowing for instruction to proceed onto the next concept. Daily assignments are needed to evaluate how instruction should proceed. The focus to this new grading policy is holding students accountable for this daily practice. Routine and organization are two key components to my classroom structure that will help the students to become more successful.  Practice, practice, practice!


Grading Policy:


Exams- 60%- at least three per marking period.


Homework/Classwork 20%  daily, mostly based on effort, some assignments will be graded out of 100.


Quiz- 20%  at least twice on vocabulary during a chapter.