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Literacy Committee

What are the needs in ELA & Literacy according to the Writing Focus document?

  • Common theme of time needed for ELA is found across multiple grade levels.
  • Looking at justification for modules and core knowledge versus workshop model or something else.
  • Continuity seems to be missing among the grade levels.
  • Time for journal or free writing is missing in most grade levels.
  • Common model of writing for all grade levels.
  • Have other members of the school help assist in the writing process (upper grade level students, NHS students, adopt a team, interact team,....)
  • Consistent spelling and grammar curriculum
  • Time set aside during staff development days to collaborate across grade levels and/or work as a grade level on literacy goals and planning
  • Support during reading block to allow for small group work

What should our goals for the district be?

  • As a whole, could we set aside 20-40 minutes (depending on grade level) to do creative writing or writing about reading?
  • Look at our scope and sequence
  • Develop a common vocabulary
  • Coordinate reading and writing workshops and genres.