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Principal's Message


We have been so very excited to welcome our students back to school whether it be in person or remotely! The hallways and classrooms are once again filled with laughter, activity and the joy of the children!  Our teachers have also worked diligently to create online classrooms for our students wishing to learn remotely and we celebrate our students navigating the remote learning world.  We are so very grateful they are joining us from their homes.   

For those of you I have not had the pleasure of meeting,  I am Mrs. Tina Wilson Bush, the new UPK - Grade 6 Principal. We would like to congratulate Ms. Vaughn on her new job as the Superintendent of Schools for the Morristown Central School District. We are grateful to Ms. Vaughn for being such a great leader and are hoping she will pay us a surprise visit or two throughout the school year. She will be greatly missed.

Since becoming the new UPK - Grade 6 Principal this summer, I have been working with the High School Principal, Mrs. Morley, our Superintendent, Mr Farrand as well as our teachers, support staff, custodians, community and LCS Board of Education members  to create and implement a reopening plan with the health and safety of our students and staff as the highest priority.  We are pleased to say, every element of our reopening plan adheres to the guidance of the New York State Departments of Health and Education.  

It is important to us for families to know we are committed to ensuring an equitable education for all students regardless if they are learning from home or at school. We believe this choice is very individualized for each family and feel confident you will make the right decision for you and your child/children.

Each and every day I learn more and more about what makes Lisbon Central School so special and I can tell you, caring about students first is consistently what stands out.  I am honored to be a part of this incredible educational team.  I look forward to adding my contributions and supporting our students  through their  journey at Lisbon Central School.  I am willing to share any knowledge I have compiled from almost 31 years in education as a teacher, principal, educational consultant, college instructor and administrator as well as my current experience as a school board member and parent.  If I don’t know an answer, I give you my word,  I will work tirelessly to find you answers and or a solution you are seeking. 

We appreciate your patience with the changes necessary this year due to the COVID-19 regulations and assure you this pandemic is temporary and we will get through it together.  My wish for our students and members of our community is to stay well, care for yourself and spend quality time with those most important to you.  I also look forward to spending little tidbits of time with my husband Brian, and our children, Marlaina, Braydon and Angelie.  

I have enjoyed getting to know many of you over the past several weeks and I look forward to meeting the rest of our Lisbon Central School Community.  If you have any questions or concerns now or in the future, my door is always open.


Warm regards,


Tina Wilson Bush

UPK- Grade 6 Principal 


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