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Lisbon Central School District Parent Portal :


Directions for accessing the parent portal: 

  • Username: email address
  • Password: the one you received in your email from School Tool

At each login you will go directly to the “My Home” screen. This is where you will see all the students that you have registered at Lisbon Central School.

Three tabs are available: Students, Campus and Account. 

  • The Student tab is the access to all available student data. Each student is listed with a select arrow; by clicking on this you will enter that student’s record.
  • The Campus tab is where School/District messages may be posted
  • The Account tab is where you can change your password at any time.

Please note that any time you wish to get back to the main screen click on the My Home link on the left side of the web page.

Accessing Student Information 

  • Click on the select arrow next to your student’s name
  • Six tabs are available: Contacts, Schedule, Attendance, Discipline, Grades, Assignments.
  • The Contact tab is the emergency contacts for your child.
  • The Schedule tab is your child’s current schedule. You can email a teacher individual or if you click the teacher icon at the top right corner of the schedule you can email all the teachers that are on your child’s schedule.
  • The Attendance tab will show basic attendance information. There is a drop down for selecting the school year. The default is set to the current year. Defaults to daily homeroom attendance, but parents may view attendance by course if “all course attendance” or “missed course” is selected.
  • The Discipline tab will show basic discipline information. There is a drop down for selecting the school year and by default is set to the current year.
  • The Grades tab will give you access to your child’s grades that have been submitted so far during this school year. The view of “marking period grades” will give you report card grades for a selected marking period, and “marking period averages” view will allow you to see the current marking average as it is still in session.
  • The Assignment tab gives you access to assignments that the teacher has published to the Parent Portal. By using the various drop-down menus you can switch between classes and the different marking periods.

**Please note that parents of students in UPK-4 may only see information in the following tabs: contact & attendance. The other tabs are more applicable for our 5-12 students.


The Parent/Guardian User Agreement Form is below. Please click on the link below to access and print the form. 

*Note: this form is in Word .doc format. If you have trouble accessing this form, please let us know by using the "contact us" page.