Lisbon Lego Knights Compete at Clarkson University

On Saturday, March 9th the Lisbon Lego Knights attended a First Lego League competition at Clarkson University.  There were 35 teams in attendance. The students who attended were Elijah Rupp, Jordan Parmeter, Logan Carr, Tanner Fonda, Mary Bonno, and Layla Rishe.  The team was judged in 4 categories. The first category was core values. The students had to demonstrate inspiration, teamwork and gracious professionalism.  The second category was robot design. The students had to demonstrate their knowledge of programming and designing a robot. The third category was the project.  The students had to pick a physical or social problem faced by humans during long duration space exploration and come up with an innovative solution. The final category was the robot competition. The team had to use their robot to complete various missions to earn points. It was an exciting day and the team had a blast!